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Brazil! Stop the World Cup! Break the Popular Front!

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Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

This is the workers big fight against the capitalist crisis in Brazil!

Down with the popular front of the PSTU etc. with the PT and the bourgeoisie!

Build Working class councils and militias to defend the class from the state forces!

For the General Strike to unite the proletariat and to fight for a Workers and Peasants Government!


Since the opening of the new world crisis in 2007 Brazil experienced a big hit to its economic growth shared by all the other BRICS except China and Russia which are rising imperialist powers and making the other BRICS semi-colonies. Facing the crisis the workers began to fight against paying for the crisis with loss of their wages and mass sackings. All workers began to see the need for unity, but how would that happen? Fearing that workers would unite from below, the reformist and centrist left parties and left bureaucrats…

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Written by raved

May 22, 2014 at 1:37 am

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